Red Lips

Don't be afraid of red lipstick now or ever. Follow these tricks and look glam.

Red LipsThe color red has been referred to as the 'power color' for women. It adds glamour and sexiness. This dominant color demands attention and has a powerful presence.

Red is a classic color and can never go out of style

Wear a good red lipstick and see how you make heads turn. And yet, not many women wear it because they think it won't 'suit' them.

Let me tell you, it suits everyone as long as it is worn the right way.

Summer and red?

Why not? Red can beautifully complement light and pastel colors that we like to wear in summer. If it suits your skin tone, wear a red lipstick to jazz up any outfit that you may be wearing. Just ensure that the rest of the make-up is not loud and competing with red. Find out the 'right way' right away.

* Dark complexion - berry and burgundy reds look fabulous on a dark tone.

My picks: Fresh Moroccan by MAC and 104 Red Lust by Lancôme Paris.

Wheatish complexion- maroon or dull-reds are best suited for warm skin tones (that have a yellow undertone).

My picks: Mulled Wine by Revlon.

Red Lips Fair complexion-bright reds look beautiful on a pale skin tone. It is set off brilliantly by dark hair.

My picks: Revlon Diva, Fire by Chanel.

Warm complexion-a fair complexion with a yellow undertone is classified as warm. Rich brick reds and neon-orange reds will look flattering.

My picks: Scarlet Simmer by Maybelline New York.

The right way to apply

* Use a lip primer. Apply powder or a dash of foundation over this. This will keep the color strong.

* For a bold look, make sure you use a red lip liner. Start off from the bow of your lips and connect it to the ends. To make the color even stronger, fill in the lip with the liner. Women with thin lips should avoid using liner or dark red as they will appear even thinner.

* Now, use the lip color of your choice. The application will come out smoother if you use a lip brush.

* Your lips are the focus of your chic look so ensure that you create a perfect outline. If there's smudging, clean it with a cotton bud, then touch up with some concealer. Make sure there are no lipstick stains on your teeth. Remove the excess color by putting your index finger in your mouth, purse your lips around it, and then Red Lipsslowly pull it out.

Accessorizing red

* Use a peach blusher when wearing a red lip color. Pink blushers don't gel well with red lipsticks.

* Keep the eye make-up simple with just a hint of color. Use a very thin liner and, of course, lots of mascara for 'oomph'.

* Do not match a red lipstick with a red outfit during the day time. You can carry it off better at night.

* You can paint your nails red along with your lips. The trick is, top up the lip color with a brown or bronze lipstick.

Too shy for red?

Many women find this color too 'loud' for their taste. Here's what they should do. Just apply a red lipstick on your lips roughly and then wipe it off leaving just the stain of red. Then dab on some gloss. This also looks trendy. Pair this up with a smoky look for the eyes. The other option is if you find a particular red too loud for your taste; mute it by topping it with a bit of bronze lipstick.

Red is a classic color and can never go out of style. Make-up trends may change every season but a red lipstick is always 'in'. So make the color work for a glamorous you.