Benefits of Pedicure

If you're still living in the era that used to thinkBenefits of Pedicure pedicures are only for women, or men in drag, it's time to get you up to speed. "Ninety per cent of my clients are men - regular guys" reveals Annette Fernandez, manager at the HFX Beauty Lounge. Of course the reasons members of the male sex patronize her salon are quite different from that of the female sex: "For women, itís the aesthetics. For men, it's the sense of relaxation a foot massage offers," says Fernandez.

Whether it's the "feel good" factor or because your feet are scarey, considers a monthly pedicure as a grooming necessity. In fact, if you pair the session with a haircut, you'll have taken care of two important aspects of a polished image. Still not convinced? Below Annette Fernandez lists all the good things a pair of scissors, a file, and some nice smelling salves can do for your weary dogs.

* Banish the stink: You keep your feet covered 24/7 thinking you're protecting them from the elements. Trouble is, says Annette "youíre providing an ideal environment - think dank, warm, humid - for growing foul stuff, viz. fungi and bacteria." Give your dogs a little airing and some pampering, and they'll not only come out smelling like roses but also happy to do as you bid.

* Prevent corns and calluses: It only takes one pair Benefits of Pedicureof ill fitting Oxfords to permanently scar your feet with these little horrors. Corns and calluses are hardened bits of superficial skin born out of excessive pressure from too tight shoes. A file and a pumice stone can get rid of them.

* Keep your cuticles in shape: Cuticles, you ignoramus, are the tissues that surround the nail. They are part of the nail bed, and protect your claws from falling prey to microorganisms, among other things. Cuticles can get frayed not only by footwear but also harsh detergents. Regular TLC keeps them healthy and supple.

* Stay trim: Nails grow. They also suffer much abuse - from when you stubbed your big toe against the sofa leg, those weekend soccer games. Chipped nails look ugly - period. An aesthetician will keep them neat and short.

* Arrest ingrown nails: Ingrown nails. These are not pretty to look at,Benefits of Pedicure plus they are painful. You may need "several weekly sessions in a salon to undo the damage," warns Fernandez.

* Get rid of the debris: "Regular foot scrubs help eliminate dead cells, remnants of blisters, and dry, rough or chapped skin to allow fresh new skin to show through." says Annette.

* Keep them uniformly colored: Unless you're the kind of guy who lavishes as much sunblock on his feet as he would on his face your dogs cannot escape the tanning effects of the sun. Timely bleaches help get rid of the bands of brown are left behind.

* Enhance nail health: Weak toe nails are fragile. One stub and the result is not only an Owww! But a broken claw and the risk of infection. An aethetician will apply a nail hardener to keep them strong.

* Give you a piece of heaven: Well, almost. Just think: There you are ensconced in a safe retreat, out of reach from all the pressing demands of life, office, blah, blah, with soothing hands massaging your weary dogs, kneading your heels with just the right pressure where it hurts most... Aaahhh!